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In each theme, the tricks are classified by order of difficulty from the easiest to the most complicated. If you can't do a trick, move on to the next theme and come back to it later.

Hello magician friends.


Welcome to the MAGIC SECRET universe. This magic set is ideal to begin or improve your magic skills.

A more compact set in the form of a book, with more accessories than in some "big magic boxes" to remain as discreet as possible.


You now have in your hands, secrets that should not be disclosed.

Watch my videos now! You will find the video access on the bottom of the box and on the flap.


Many of my secrets are revealed through demonstrations and detailed explanations. 


Receive a gift! I encourage you to write a review on Amazon, then send us a picture of the review to to validate the shipment of your magical gift!

To contact us by email: or

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